Industrial Project: North Leicester Trade Park

We’ve just received new aerial photographs of our recently completed industrial project at North Leicester Trade Park.

The new Porsche workshop is currently undergoing a fit out and the interior will be ready for action in the coming weeks. More photos to follow.

These drone photos give great perspective of the finished building and the site as a whole.

To the right of the picture you can just see the two sets of foundations for the two food retail units which are going up next.

Industrial site in North Leicester.
Photograph showing the Porsche workshop and green retaining wall.

The planting on the 100 metre long green wall is now taking hold and the site is looking a lot softer. The grass in front of the building is where the two B2/B8 units will be built next year.

Industrial site in Leicester, green wall architecture.
Green retaining wall at the base of the new Porsche Workshop.
Industrial site in North Leicester
Aerial photograph showing the entire North Leicester Trade Park site.

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